From 11/28/2016 to 11/30/2016

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The INTA initiative for Habitat III

As part of the UN Habitat 3rd World conférence on housing and sustainable development, INTA engaged a bold initiative that consisted in gathering answers and explanations about urban development, its challenges and its actors. Hundreds of INTA’s members supported this initiative and gathered their knowledge to interrogate the next 20 years urban agenda.

Habitat III is a major event for urban development. Centered on the future of urbanisation facing its new challenges, it is the starting point for a new urban agenda which would place the urban development at the center for the création of new international policies.

INTA decided to contribute to the creation of this new urban agenda by launching the INTA initiative for Habitat III. This initiative defines answers to local and global issues by crossing territorial scales and intervention fields, and identifies the new territories issues, so as to determine principles for action for the new urban agenda.

The INTA initiative for Habitat III aim to allow cities to become cities of ‘’good living’’, in in technical terms but at human scale. The city is made by and for women and men living in and should offer to each the possibility to live to the fullest. The gathered possibilities for urban development are first of all the improvement possibilities for each lives.

This 1 year and a half work led to the publication presenting a vision of urban future. It gathers and summarize a multiples input that analyse urban policies and innovatives solutions.

INTA 40 will be an opportunity to debate the conclusions of Habitat III and will rely on this text to broaden the debate and to suggest innovatives alternatives.

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