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INTA is...

INTA is a global membership association of policy-makers and urban practitioners who contribute significantly to sustainable urban development. INTA is the network where the public and the private sectors come together to exchange experiences and knowledge on integrated urban processes and strategies for a more sustainable urbanity.

INTA is not a city network: it is an association of urban decision makers and practitioners. INTA is not a professional association: it is a place where planners, architects, developers, engineers, investors, etc. engage with public authorities and companies, with researchers and community, economic, environmental, social and spatial stakeholders to jointly create strategies for sustainable urbanity, connecting all issues critical to the integrated development of urban territories.


INTA was born in 1976 in Paris as the International New Town Association, at a time when large-scale urban development projects were conceived in support of the general economic growth. INTA founders believed in the importance of exchanging international experiences and know-how between all the actors involved in those ambitious projects reshaping territories and living environment. Today, INTA’s members are still convinced that only by putting the efforts of all urban actors together, a sustainable and integrated urbanity can be attained.

Working Method

To facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge, develop cooperation between public and private sectors, and build competences, INTA members co-produce solutions through international and regional exchanges on urban issues that require careful attention. INTA International Secretariat coordinates the network and its international activities: an Annual World Urban Development Congress, Conferences and Seminars, the World Urban Development Council, Prospective Roundtables, Brainstorm sessions, Study visits and Advisory panels, in which a group of members advises another member institution on a particular urban project.

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