From 11/28/2016 to 11/30/2016

Stades des Alpes - Lyon et Grenoble


The International Urban Development Association (INTA), the Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) of the University of Lisbon, the City of Lisbon have the pleasure to invite you to the 40th INTA World Urban Development Congress

This Congress has been held. Thanks to everyone who attended! 
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Maurice Charrier

« Dear colleagues,

INTA40 illustrates the global urban approach we promote in which all territorial levels - urban, peri-urban and rural - are part of a responsible development of our societies. Furthermore, technological and digital progress, the differentiated demographic growth, constraints on natural resources and climate, the limits of public financing and the protection of rights, equity and justice, have led to significant changes in the conduct of local urban policies.

Around the world, there is an explosion of initiatives concerning innovation. They express an impulse of territorial and national policymakers, industrialists, and practitioners to design new and better managed programmes on land use and housing, metropolisation, innovation and climate, trade and economy, infrastructure and accessibility, redistribution of growth...

Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, have experienced in recent years strong crisis periods. Today, the recovery driven by exportation is starting to extend to the domestic market and thus households consume anew. Private investment is increasing, with already effects on employment. The country and the city of Lisbon are a favourite destination for foreign visitors with a first-class cultural and commercial offer: monuments, museums, architecture, picturesque neighbourhoods, traditional crafts, antiques, music, food and shopping which make the charm of the Portuguese, and Lisboan lifestyles.

INTA40 will take place a posteriori of the conferences of Habitat III, in Quito (October 17-20), and COP22 on climate issues, in Marrakeck (November 7-18) which allow to define a new urban agenda. Thus, the Congress is a wonderful occasion to discuss about the implementation of the new urban agenda.

Looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon in November

Maurice Charrier, INTA President